Yehiam Seminar and Retreat Center
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A classic Galilee vacation that combines unique Crusader style hospitality with Extreme Sports – a vacation that only the Galilee can offer
Close by the fortress walls of Yehiam is one of the most beautiful and impressive Crusader castles in Israel. Set atop a green hill overlooking vistas of the Mediterranean and Western Galilee, the Nature at Yehiam vacation site lies in a pastoral location in the middle of Mediterranean forests, mountains and riverbeds.
What will one discover here? First the castle itself, with its spacious halls graced with beautiful arches, and mysterious hidden rooms and enchanting alcoves. The fortress, located in Kibbutz Yehiam, is the setting for all activities arranged for our guests, which include 2 on-site clubrooms, manicured lawns with rustic style tables and barbecue facilities adjoining the guest rooms, an outdoor swimming pool (seasonal), and much more. The 52 rooms are located in two-story buildings and decorated with “Crusader” style furniture crafted in wrought iron and wood, as well as a sofa bed, air conditioner, TV, coffee corner, refrigerator and a full facility bathroom.




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